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Stereotypical judgement is skin deep, but where it comes from is far below the surface.

In Shapes, everyone is judging each other based on a purely visual basis. Can you please everyone?

You play as a coloured 2D shape and interact with other coloured 2D shapes. The other shapes will discriminate against you based upon shape and colour, but by collecting food for them you overcome this.

You ultimately aim to become accepted by all, however you find this to be a task that becomes more and more difficult.

Presented by TeamSlash™...

J'Jay Yabsley 103460 - Project Manager/Programmer

Matt Batchelor 110993 - Gameplay Programmer/Audio Designer

Aaron Goss 105844 - Lead Programmer

Andre Clemente 110045 - Designer

Jason Phan 110994 - Designer

David Wells 109834 - Designer